Phoenix Rising


Welcome BackIt almost feels like I’m starting over. Like I gave up. Like I should not be proud of this new blog.

But I am.

I am the author of

While my first blog did not become an internet sensation, I had slowly grown a consistent following. I had the support from all my friends and loved ones. Everyone always asked me about the blog, and wanted to know when I would be posting next. They all beamed with pride as they told others what I had written in a recent post. However, after a while I began to dread that topic of conversation, because I was running out of things to write about. I hit an inspirational rough patch and the new posts slowed and eventually stopped all together. I had nothing new to really talk about regarding the subject matter. I am still practicing abstinence and allowing God to lead my dating life, but it’s just not my focus right now.

If I am honest, my desires out of life have shifted, and writing about a dating life I, quite frankly, don’t have at the moment seems like beating a dead horse. I started to write posts that mimicked one another, and the process became unproductive for me. The tree that God planted in my life years ago has sadly stopped producing fruit. So, I must let it die, but not without honoring what it has done. I write in celebration of the doors it opened for myself and the people around me. God definitely used that blog to inspire both writer and reader, and I am so grateful to have taken a part in that process.

But it’s time for something new.

Have you heard about the myth of the phoenix? When on it’s deathbed, it lays an egg so that when it passes away, another is born. Thus the legacy continues. I love the lessons of this mythical bird, because it is what God has been trying to teach me for so long. Everything has it’s season…which means every plant will eventually die. But that’s not something to mourn too long, because out of death, new life is birthed and given a chance to thrive. My first blog had an amazing harvest season, and it gave birth to the writer inside of me. The person I always was but hid in fear of criticism. I didn’t go to a performing arts school, I didn’t major in writing in college, and I certainly do not know all there is to know about grammar (which is probably obvious to some of you), but I have something that cannot be taught in school. Stick with me on this journey, and you will understand soon enough.


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