Trusting His Process

God is telling me to trust His process.

Alright. But that requires patience. And patience requires trust. And trust requires a deep knowing of the one you are waiting on. And suddenly my character is called into question all because God told me to wait.

Maybe the process is to reveal what I lack. Maybe God wanted to place a mirror in front of me to see the areas in which there is plenty of room for growth.

Well, God…I will trust your process. I will accept the challenge to sit in expectation. But now I see this is not a passive action…I must actually continue getting to know you and learning your character in order to build that trust….to grow my faith.

I must trust my own process. I must trust that God wouldn’t call me to do something I am incapable of doing. I will soar to new heights….if I only answer Him when He calls.


2 thoughts on “Trusting His Process

    • Yes, I just realized a long time ago that I can’t trust someone I don’t know. I don’t trust a stranger but I do trust my mom. Why? Because I know my mom’s character. And I have learned it is the same when it comes to God. 🙂 Thank you for reading. I’m glad someone can relate haha

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