Learning self: Staying Present

Allowing myself to feel is the most important part of my journey thus far. It affects everything. My artistry. My love of self. My connection with people. Most importantly, my relationship with God. So if I find myself in a place where I am constantly unhappy, and I am constantly being tempted to turn off my emotions and go numb. Well that’s not a place I should stay for too long.


4 thoughts on “Learning self: Staying Present

    • Thank you girl! I think the next step is when I’m feeling…..to be okay with what I’m feeling. I have to be okay with the negative emotions, because I’m human. Not every feeling will be good and that’s okay. Thank you for reading! 🙂 As always

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      • SO true. In fact, those negative emotions are the best ones to embrace – ugh there is SO much positive in those negative ones that I can’t even list them all lol. Nothing helps you love yourself more – if you’re willing to embrace them. When you feel a negative emotion coming on – smile because you know its about to take you one step closer to knowing and loving yourself. Coddle them and learn more about you and what your heart needs from them. I love my negative emotions now lol.


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