Conversations That Challenge

*written February 10, 2016*

God: Obedience. If I were to command you to trust me and walk in faith, what would have to change in order for you to obey me? What (false) opportunities would you walk away from? What mountains would you begin to climb? What would shift in your life? That is what you should be doing. Right now. Go.

At 8 am this morning, God decided to come for my life….ya know…the usual. Haha that’s my best friend though, so I can’t even be mad. I just felt like I’m probably not the only person that needed these words and wanted to share this spiritual nudge to keep moving forward.

Sometimes we don’t go after certain things our hearts desire because of fear. If we know God. If we know how mighty He is. If we know He loves us and works things out for our best interest. If we know He would not cause our feet to stumble. What is stopping us from getting what belongs to us? What is stopping us from taking a leap of faith and going after what our souls crave? What is stopping us from living up to our full potential of who God hand crafted us to be?

Only ourselves.
So, get out of your own way. Take that first step. And let God do His thug thizzle. 😉


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