In The Silence

In the stillness I am coming home.

I am discovering this magnificent person and realizing she is me.

I am finding a firm foundation upon which to sit and meditate.

I am learning to trust my process.

I am not talking as much. I am not sharing as much. I am evolving from a say-er to a do-er. Plans are moving and goals are being accomplished.

I am still available to friends, but I’m taking a break from community. Instead, I am learning to build a community within myself. I am learning to listen to the silence, to be a student of  loneliness. What is it teaching me?

People ask how things are going. It’s hard to explain that everything is better than it has ever been, but I say it anyways. I am starting to lose interest in who believes me or not. As my recognition of my own identity grows, I am more secure in the unanswered questions. Others do not have to see the vision, because I can finally see it for myself.

Ambiguity, because I hope you will find pieces of my puzzle in your own life. I pray you shall discover what makes you, you. I know you will choose to love that person. I know you will choose to love the quietude.

God is giving me a season of self. Away from the noise. Away from the fast-paced movements. Away from the demands of life. Inside the folds of my own heart, I find His presence. His still, small voice. Epiphanies fill my thoughts as I understand what it means to be made in His image. To share His desires. To know I am a part of the divine, and He is the best part of me.

I temporarily traded independence for my passions, and it was the best decision I could ever make.


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