Everything I Am

It all belongs to me.

Success. Authorship. Financial freedom. Homeownership. Entrepreneurship. Things to come.

But also…

Failures. Lessons learned. Wisdom. Obstacles. Fears overcome. Things of the past.

They all belong to me right now. Simultaneously. I am everything I have already gone through and everything I will be. All swirled into one moment. I am everything I have gained and everything I will ever need. My ultimate resource is within.

Too often I have looked at things I want to accomplish as if they are outside of myself. But my calling and my purpose are within. It is not a matter of reaching for something in the distance; it is more about discovering what is already inside of me. Discovering the blueprint. Discovering all that I was created to be.

What an empowering lesson. I no longer have to desperately grasp for things that don’t belong to me. Everything I need. I already have. I already am.



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