Wake up Mr. West

To the college dropout turned graduate

To the misunderstood

To the man constantly placed into a box

To the guy who breaks all boundaries placed around his talent

Around his mind

Around his beat machine

To the guy who showed me

How to move forward in my vision

Even when I’m the only who can see

The images God displayed on the big screen of my dreams


It’s funny…

Because I didn’t even know I was a fan

I didn’t know you captured my heart

I didn’t know I was falling into the web of rhymes

You so eloquently spun

The beats you so intentionally crafted

The pain you so beautifully articulated

I hadn’t realized

That the confusion inside my soul

Was locked inside your bars

Inside the tap of each 808

Was the fabric of me


Thank you.


I don’t blame any woman in your life

As if they have any control over the mind of a genius

I don’t blame your move from Chicago

As if your change of residence could affect your authenticity

But somewhere down the line…

…You lost me

And now I mourn our love

Our dying connection

Where there was once a ferocious forest fire

Is now just embers inside of hot coal

Waiting for a spark

A spark…


I loved you

I loved your soul

I loved your being

I appreciated who you were

I mean…who you are

And I am not so sure what happened

I just know I miss us

I know I miss the nights in my room

Your voice bouncing off my four walls

The echoes of your vibrato illuminating all that was dead

The passion I didn’t know I had

The love I didn’t know I saved

For something special

For something sacred

And you don’t even seem to care

I loved your tone

I loved your honesty

I loved the clutter of your brilliant mind

I remember the days

I would spend exploring your thoughts

Toying with your alien desires

Trying to comprehend your unusual vision

Others couldn’t get it

They could only accept pieces of you

The activist

The angry black man

The arrogant

The flashy

The pained expression

They refused to take you for all of your riches

No, they sifted through a treasure chest

As if you were a garage sale on a saturday morning

But I loved all of you


Will this be the end?

I’m not sure

I was never the type to leave a relationship without fighting

Without holding on

Without exhausting myself

But I have to be honest

This past go-round?

I did not let your voice illuminate my mind

Nor did I allow your vibrato to dance around my room

I’m sorry

But I was hurt

I wasn’t sure I could handle it given the state of our romance

But I’m still here


I will wait for you to try

I will wait for you to continue showing yourself

Your full self

Do not shut down

Because I will be here forever


A new video is posted every Thursday for my Mixtape Poetry series! Subscribe to my Youtube channel to stay up to date with new videos! This is video 4 of 7



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