As I am stripped of every form of self doubt, I am discovering more of myself. So cliche to type or even say, but it is the honest truth. Man, what a peaceful feeling it is to be in complete fellowship with myself. As much as I like to discover the workings of people and uncover what makes them tick, I’m learning those things about me. As if I am a part from myself.

But…I guess I have been in a way. I have been living according to what external voices say and their external standards for what success is and what defines happiness. But if I become silent, if I sit in my own solitude I can see myself. I can hear my heart and what it longs for. I can witness my own happiness and determine the source. Man, this is such a beautiful place. With myself. Not selfish. But self-filled. Hm..

It is from this place, I will learn to love and interact with the world around me. With love as my guide.

“From the abundance of the heart…” -Some scripture in the bible somewhere

Currently Reading: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra


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