For Future Reference


I don’t want the performance you. I cannot build a life with a character, an act, a charade. I cannot go through difficult times with the best version of you. I want to experience the real you. When you’re tired. When you’re irritated. When you’re trying your best and still fall short.

This will not only create authenticity between us, but it will challenge me to love you deeply. To see your faults, and, instead of holding them against you, pour into you anyways. This is what I have been called to do by God. This is the standard He challenged all of us to rise to when He commanded us to love our neighbors (our fellow humans). And marriage is the ultimate test of this command. Will we still love someone when their flaws causes us pain? This is a question I can only answer yes to by seeing your sin and deciding to stay committed to you.

I don’t think I have to make the statement: I want to be loved in return. That is a given. We all do. In fact, I am learning I have placed too much emphasis on being loved that I have neglected to learn how to give it freely. Love is something you continuously grow in-a journey.

So, I want to grow. Do not strip me of the opportunity to mature as a woman, as a daughter of God, as an obedient servant to my fellow human, by hiding who you really are. I am not forced to like everything you bring to the table, so do not worry about what I will like. I am encouraged to simply love you despite what you bring to the table. So, be you.


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