Time is Not Real


screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-50-57-pmYep, I said it. Yesterday. Tomorrow. The number that measures my significance-oops I meant how long I have been alive. None of it means anything.

I have felt this way for a long time, but never could articulate my feelings. Honestly, even now, I am still trying to define what is it inside of me that turns away from the concept of “time.”

Let me explain…

Time is necessary, but I think it has been exploited and used for manipulation too often. I think, we lean on it too much. We look to it for too many answers when the answers are not found in the hands of the clock. The measurement of time has its perks, but mostly, it makes all of us feel sick to our stomachs. Ever wonder why after a certain age people dread their birthdays? Because something inside of them is screaming at them, telling them they are not good enough to proudly celebrate being here another year. Or what about that tired quote, “time heals all wounds.” Yeah, okay. Does it really? Because most people do not get over an ex or bad relationship by twiddling their thumbs for an allotted amount of time. No. That doesn’t work. That is why I have seen so many women confused as to why they still love the guy that left them three years ago.

It’s not about time.

I refuse to worship the ticking bomb on the wall. It is not my God, nor does it determine my fate. It is not a measuring stick for how productive my life is, nor will I allow it to pressure me into finding my purpose in life. That is a journey that takes shape in each present day.

Time is not king.

We are king. Our actions are King. Our thoughts about ourselves and the world in which we live are king. We rule. We define. We determine. What we are inside is what will manifest outside despite what year it is or what age we are.


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