Today’s Conversation

I am sitting alone with my doubts.

God walks into the room.

He makes me turn off the music.

Pause the Youtube video.

Gets my full attention.

“Everything is going to be alright.

You’re going to accomplish everything.”

I am feeling the duality of my hopes and doubts mingling.

Questions swarm in, and I have to recognize where they are coming from.

“What is everthing?

I want to get married one day?

Is that included in this everything?

What I am going to accomplish career wise?

When am I going to move?

Where am I going to go?

Who am I going to meet?”

Details. Details. DETAILS.

I could ask God these questions for the millionth time, or I can sit in the goodness of what just happened. God stopped what He was doing to talk to me. I did not beckon for His presence. I did not spend 30 minutes in prayer this morning nor this afternoon. I did not fast. I did not do anything special. All I did was have a need.

I needed hope.

He saw that.

He walked in.

And He gave it to me.


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